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You should not have to live with a gap in your smile. In addition to making you feel self-conscious, missing or damaged teeth can lead to several oral health concerns, such as pain, gum disease, and misaligned bites. 

DPI Dental offers the best dental crowns and bridges in Queens & NYC. We have a wide range of options available to handle almost any dental issue that you may be experiencing, giving you a gorgeous smile.

We are a comprehensive cosmetic smile center in NYC devoted to leaving patients smiling after every visit. Led by Paul Ilan, DDS, the team at DPI Dental boasts over 16 years of experience and has two convenient offices in Stuyvesant Town in Manhattan and the Lindenwood area of Howard Beach, New York.

Our high-quality treatment and state-of-the-art facilities make us the most sought-after dentist in Howard Beach. Moreover, we offer comprehensive care while promoting and preserving complete oral health. 

You can come to us for routine oral care and various cosmetic dentistry services. These include crowns, veneers, cosmetic smile makeovers, and teeth whitening. Along with our extra attention to detail, our team uses innovative digital smile designs when crafting successful dental outcomes for all our patients.

As the best dentist in New York City, we welcome all existing and new patients to learn more about our services. Contact us today by calling or booking your next appointment online.

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Crowns Q & A

About Crowns and Bridges

The best dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed over your tooth. Your tooth’s visible portion is covered by a dental crown that’s cemented in place. Think of it as your tooth’s snug hat. The crown restores your tooth’s appearance, shape, and strength. 

As for bridges, they’re recommended when tooth in question is more than one. At DPI Dental, Dr. Ilan, the best dentist for adults in Howard Beach, uses an impression of your smile to design your crown or bridge, so it feels and functions like the natural tooth it’s replacing.

Crowns and Bridges come in different designs and are made from ceramic, resin, porcelain, metal, and many more. Some look like natural teeth, giving you a more cosmetically attractive restoration.


Why Get a Crown?

Crowns serve a variety of functions. Our dentist in New York City can recommend a crown when he sees the need to strengthen and support a tooth that’s badly damaged. Some other reasons for a crown include:

  • Replacing a tooth with too many fillings
  • Discolored or misshapen tooth
  • Protecting your tooth and restoring its structure after a root canal.

A crown can replace a missing tooth if you have a dental implant. Your dentist seals your height to the abutment of your dental implant to effectively recreate the structure of a natural tooth.


What’s the Process of Getting a Crown?

First, Dr Ilan will examine you to ensure you’re a good candidate for a crown. He does this by reviewing your oral health history, examining your gums and teeth, and taking dental X-rays.

Second, he will move to prepare your tooth for a crown. This will include removing any tooth decay. Besides that, he may file down the outermost portion of your tooth or build the tooth up. 

Third, he will make impressions or digital scans of your tooth to develop a custom-fit crown. The goal is for your smile to look natural.

Moreover, you may receive a temporary crown while a high-end dental lab creates a permanent one. 

Finally, once your new crown is ready, Dr. Ilan will ensure that it fits well and permanently bonds with your natural tooth. This helps restore and strengthen it and prevent future decay. 

Your new crown will look and feel like a natural tooth. DPI Dental is genuinely the best smile center in NYC.  


Care for Your Crown

Although your crown doesn’t require special care, make efforts to do some simple processes such as brushing and flossing it just like the rest of your natural teeth. Moreover, you should ensure good at-home care, regular cleanings, and exams at DPI Dental. When you do this, your crown should stay strong and healthy for years.

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